Fresh spring worksheets for pre-K to 8th grade

Spring is in the air, and the Learning Library is in bloom!

Our team of educators has published 20+ new spring-themed worksheets in recent months. Parents can use these resources to help their kids practice math, reading, and writing in a seasonal way.

Whether your child is in PreK or all the way in 8th grade, has added plenty of new spring-themed worksheets to help parents inspire learning and creativity as the weather warms up:

1. How Many? Spring Counting #1, #2, and #3

These counting worksheets are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten students, allowing them to practice counting and number recognition while embracing the spirit of spring.

From tallying up flowers to adding up busy bees, these vibrant worksheets make learning math basics a breeze.

Click below to download and print each one:

2. Spring Puzzle: Addition and Subtraction Within 10 and Within 20

For first and second-grade students, these spring-themed addition and subtraction puzzles provide arithmetic practice with a twist. Your budding learner will solve equations involving tulips, butterflies, watering cans, and other spring symbols.

Each new equation builds on the previous ones, allowing them to sharpen their critical thinking skills with every iteration!

Click below to download and print each one:

3. Spring Patterns: Cut and Paste #1, #2, #3, and #4

These cut-and-paste worksheets offer a hands-on approach to building pattern recognition. As students arrange sequences of chicks, frogs, and ladybugs, they will develop their knowledge of AB patterns.

Each sheet in the set will have your child cut out the squares and paste them in the correct order. The tactile learning will capture their attention!

Click below to download and print each one:

4. Spring Writing: Formal and Informal Styles

As students progress through middle school, it’s essential to hone their formal and informal writing skills, from relaxed, conversational writing to the more precise writing used in formal essays.

These five spring-themed writing prompts can serve as a jumping-off point for your child to understand the difference between the two writing styles, helping them tailor their tone as they change each informal sentence to a formal one.

Click below to download and print the worksheet:

5. Spring Reflective Writing Prompts #1 and #2

Reflective writing is a valuable exercise for students of all ages—that’s why we created these prompts for fourth through eighth grade!

Promoting self-awareness and critical thinking, these thought-provoking questions will have your learner contemplate the changes and growth they experience during the spring season, fostering deeper insights into themselves and the world around them.

Click below to download and print each prompt:

6. Spring Spelling Practice: Word Search Puzzle

Spelling practice doesn’t have to be dull, especially when it’s in a word search format and infused with vibrant flowers!

This puzzle challenges students to sleuth for the words that are spelled incorrectly, color them in, and then hunt for them in the word search below. Get ready to sharpen those spelling skills!

Click below to download and print the worksheet:

Whether they’re counting flowers, perfecting their formal writing style, or reflecting on spring’s new beginnings, your child can blossom with these new worksheets.

Parents: print these fresh spring-themed worksheets, and breathe new life into your child’s after-school routine!

Looking for more? Check out the full Learning Library of 37,000+ worksheets, games, and hands-on activities for PreK through 8th grade.

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