End-of-year escape: Easy brain breaks for teachers to use after testing season

As the school year winds down, students and teachers alike feel the weight of testing season lift from their shoulders. After weeks of intense review and preparation, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and welcome the end of the school year with fun games and activities for grades PreK through 8th.

Teachers, round out the year with these entertaining, summer-themed mazes, puzzles, and pictographs:

How to use these brain breaks

It’s easy to integrate these brain breaks into your end-of-year routine. Use them during transition times, such as after completing a long activity or before beginning a new assignment.

Alternatively, you can incorporate them into a themed end-of-year celebration, complete with summer-themed decorations and foods. Remember to keep the atmosphere light and relaxed, allowing students to enjoy these activities without feeling the pressure of testing season.

Summer figurative language mazes

Add depth and creativity to writing using short figurative language puzzles! Education.com offers a trio of summer-themed figurative language mazes focusing on similes, hyperboles, and metaphors.

A refreshing change of pace from traditional worksheets, these funky mazes are a great way to engage students in grammar practice while embracing a spirit of fun:

Summer analogies worksheet

Analogies are a great way to challenge students’ critical thinking skills and help them understand the relationships between words.

Created for seventh- and eighth-grade learners, this seasonal printable invites students to select a series of analogies based on summer vocabulary to help improve their grammar skills.

Pictographs: A creative way to visualize data

What’s the buzz about pictographs? These visual worksheets are a fantastic way to introduce students to data analysis with a creative twist. By representing data using pictures and symbols, pictographs change data analysis from something that’s daunting to a fun, accessible activity.

To incorporate pictographs into your brain breaks, consider using our collection of summer-themed worksheets:

Math skip counting mazes

These second-grade skip counting mazes are your ticket to generating endless excitement about math!

Skip counting lays a solid foundation for multiplication and division, making it an essential skill for students to master as they enter third grade next fall. Give them a head-start in a visual, entertaining way with this brand new set of 20 skip counting practice sheets:

With the end of the year fast-approaching, you can use these offline games and puzzles to ease students back into a more relaxed mindset after testing season!

For more PreK-8th grade worksheets, activities, and games, check out the full Education.com Learning Library of 37,000+ resources:

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