In their own words: Students’ thank-you messages to teachers

This Teacher Appreciation Week, students wrote thank-you messages that we delivered right to teachers’ inboxes via specially-designed e-cards! families shared notes of appreciation with the teachers in their lives, all in the spirit of celebrating educators and the hard work they do throughout the year!

Read some of the heartwarming letters children sent to their teachers:

Messages from students to teachers

Here are some of the team’s favorite letters, displayed on our Brainzy-themed digital cards. We hope these make your day like they did our’s!

Austin thanked his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Moore, for her math and reading support, while Sam lauded his teacher, Mrs. Jackson, for all the ways she makes learning fun—including bike rides and sensory sand! Plus, Natheniel recognized Ms. Hellebuyck for being the “best teacher” and shared that he loved practicing writing this year.

Dear Ms. Bugarin,

Thank you for being the nicest teacher I’ve had. Thank you for teaching me throughout the whole year of 2nd grade. I love how you are always smiley. Thank you for the goody bags. I hope my next teacher is as nice as you.

Dear Ms. Kiran,

Thank you for being such an excellent teacher! I like how you make learning so much fun. The stories you share in class are the best, and they help me understand things better. You are always kind and patient, even when I ask many questions. I appreciate how you make everyone feel welcome and happy in class. Thank you for everything you do for us. You’re the best!

Dear Ms. Virgin,

Thank you for being my teacher! I learned how to participate in enjoyable activities, share items, teach cursive writing, read, do math, science, social studies, and play games. You compel us to share everything. You are the best teacher I ever had!!

Messages from parents to teachers

Parents took the time to celebrate teachers, too!

Read on to see their inspiring messages of gratitude, from a parent who called their son’s teacher an “unbelievable guiding angel” to a parent who thanked an “unforgettable” teacher of several years for helping their son make tremendous strides in his communication skills:

Dear Ms. Rosa,
Thank you for being such an awesome teacher! I appreciate all you have done to help Adriana to be a successful student. Although this year was a little tough, you never gave up on Adri and you worked with me as well- which I’m beyond grateful for! Thank you so much!

Dear Ms. Goodman,

You have been teaching my son for some years now. We watched him grow from being nonverbal to “Ayden be quiet” now. You have seen him at his worst and how he is at home. There are no words that describes how grateful I am for having you as my son’s teacher for years! Thank you so much for everything we will never forget you.

Dear Mrs. Goree,

I wanted to take this time to say how much we appreciate you! You are such an inspiration in Iverson’s life and mine as well. You made him reach for stars he thought he could not reach or he would have never thought of if he did not have you by his side this year!! You have been this unbelievable guiding angel… Thank you for all you have done for him, even at times he may not appreciate you he does. Iverson speaks of you all time and and how much he has learned. I catch him off guard with that smile.

Bonus: Messages from teacher friends and family members

As a welcomed surprise, several letters came in from teachers thanking each other, as well as notes between family members and friends!

There was a note of love from Mr. Duncan to his wife, Mrs. Duncan, as well as words of encouragement from a mother to her daughter who is an educator. We even received a message from a school bus driver who noticed a stand-out teacher and took the time to show their appreciation!

Read their uplifting messages below:

Dear Gisele,

You are an amazing mentor, advocate, colleague, and friend. You do great things and always in style! I love our adventures. Happy Teacher’s Day 2024!

Dear Best Lead Teacher in the World,

Thank you for being the best and doing to most to ensure that all the kids and all things learning actually happen to students in your domain and under your leadership. Yes, the parents, students, other teachers and school officials appreciate your work, however it just makes a mom proud to know that your gifts and talent makes the world a better place. Thank you for being a ‘right now’ and future impact in the world of academic scholars in the beginning of their lives. I love you.

Dear Mr. Duncan,

I know you have had a hard year. But I wanted to tell you that you are a Great Teacher! I have always appreciated your interest in things like solar eclipses, meteor showers, trees, plants and birds. I like your cooking skills and that you are good at making things. I love your sense of humor too!

Dear Mrs. Smiley,

Thank you for everything you do for your students every day. I do not have a student in WCPS. I used to drive a bus and see you come out of the school and so many students want to hug you and talk to you. To me that shows a caring person to our future leaders. Thank you.

Thank you!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who sent an thank-you e-Card to a teacher this year! Because of you, we were able to show appreciation to superstar educators in the community and beyond. Thank you for making this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week so memorable!

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