Crafty Father’s Day activities for kids

This year, make Father’s Day extra special by getting the kids involved in crafting some handmade gifts for dad!

These fun and creative art projects are tailored to all types of fathers and father figures, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether your dad loves cooking, watching TV, or playing board games, we’ve got you covered with fantastic arts-and-crafts ideas from

For the dad who loves to cook

Design an apron for dad! By following the instructions for this Father’s Day Apron Craft, you can create a one-of-a-kind coverall that’s as unique as his culinary skills.

Children will dip their hands into colorful fabric paint and press them into the apron, resulting in a personalized, wearable gift that dad will treasure for years to come. Whenever he’s in the kitchen or by the grill, this sweet memento will remind him of their love.

For the dad who likes solving puzzles

Test dad’s logic skills with a fun brain teaser! This Father’s Day Rebus Puzzle Activity will have kids create a collage of images to represent a sentence. Then, they’ll ask dad to decode the mystery phrase.

This isn’t your typical Father’s Day card—it contains a secret message! Is dad up for the challenge?

For the dad who plays lots of board games

Who needs Monopoly? Create your very own Father’s Day Trek board game at home by printing the game board and dice!

Kids will enjoy having quality time with their fathers while playing this fun game interspersed with tricky hazards like rockslides and bears. First player to the top of the mountain wins!

For the dad who appreciates a heartfelt card (or ten!)

From Informative Templates that guide them through the letter-writing process to a 3D Pop-Up Card featuring dad’s favorite outfit, we’ve got 10 unique cards to choose from!

Each printable worksheet provides step-by-step instructions and inspiration for kids. By choosing a design and adding their own creative touches, children can create tailor-made keepsakes based on what their father likes best.

For the dad who’s always watching the news

On the eve of Father’s Day, instead of the 5 o’clock news, dad can watch an investigative newscast called “Why We Think You’re Such a Great Dad.”

If your child’s a budding actor or news anchor, they’ll love getting in front of a camera to record a Special Broadcast, sharing their favorite memories, funny stories, and reasons why their father is the best.

For the dad who loves a good biography (about himself!)

Illustrate dad’s life story using these All About My Dad and Celebrate Everyday Heroes sheets! These printables capture special memories of dad, as well as his defining characteristics.

Your child will think deeply to answer questions like “What is something you admire about your father?” and “What is something important you learned from your father?” Then, they’ll use the included blank space to draw a portrait of him.

As a fun bonus activity, have everyone in the family complete a biography and share their responses with each other!

For the world’s best dad!

Your child can celebrate their hero with this printable Father’s Day Certificate.

Color it in and fill it with personal drawings and messages like “Best Pancake Maker” or “World’s Greatest Storyteller.”

This resource provides a simple yet meaningful way for children to show their appreciation for everything their father does. He will proudly display it on the fridge!

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