Gift an Premium subscription!

Give the gift of learning with! Consider sending a gift card to your child’s teacher to say thank you and simplify their lesson planning. Alternatively, give a membership to a family member or friend, empowering them to supercharge their child’s learning over summer break and during the school year.

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, an Premium subscription allows teachers and parents to cultivate students’ love for learning, from PreK through 8th grade!

How to purchase a gift card:

  1. Visit the Gifting Page
  2. Choose the subscription that best suits your needs. We offer one, three, six, and twelve-month plans. Our annual plan provides the best savings and is the most popular choice!
  3. Enter your recipient’s name and email address, as well as the desired delivery date.
  4. Optional: Personalize your gift with a thoughtful message.
  5. Your recipient will receive an email with their gift code. They can redeem the code to unlock instant access to Premium!

Benefits of Premium

An Premium subscription is a meaningful gift that provides lasting educational benefits:

1. Unlimited access to all 37,000+ resources

While Basic members can only download three free resources per month, Premium members get unlimited access to the entire Learning Library. That’s 37,000+ worksheets, games, activities, and lesson plans—and we add more every month!

2. Games, worksheets, and activities for families

Parents can easily filter the Learning Library by grade level, subject, and content type. This allows them to discover games, worksheets, leveled books, and activities that sync with the school curriculum.

A Premium membership goes a long way: parents can add all the children in their family to their plan.

3. Print-and-go lesson plans for teachers

With Premium, teachers can save precious time by printing worksheets and lesson plans that are created by educators!

What’s more, they can enjoy exclusive features likeGuided Lessons, Sub Plans, and Collections. Teachers can add up to 35 students to the Guided Lessons learning program where students can independently work through tailored lessons.

What are you waiting for? Share the gift of learning by sending a Premium gift card, and make someone’s year:

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